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 We are so proud to introduce our newest instructor, former student and friend, Jessica Coulter as she presents her first workshop in our ongoing Self-Empowerment Workshop series.


Join Jessica Coulter, the visionary owner of Rootfull Love and creator of the Holographic Animal Connections Deck, for an immersive Intuitive Art Workshop.

This transformative experience is designed for individuals seeking to unlock their inner creativity and connect deeply with their intuitive selves.

In this workshop, you will:

  • -Explore Intuitive Techniques: Learn how to tap into your intuition to guide your artistic process, discovering new ways to express your inner world through art.
  • - Connect with Animal Wisdom: Engage with Jessica's Holographic Animal Oracle Deck to gain insights and inspiration from the natural world, enhancing your creative journey.
  • - Create with Purpose: Create meaningful, personal artwork that reflects your unique spiritual and emotional landscape.
  • - Nurture Your Creative Soul: Enjoy a supportive, nurturing environment where you can freely explore and expand your artistic boundaries.


No previous art experience is necessary—just bring your color pencils, crayons, or watercolor paints, along with your curiosity and an open heart for a creative class on how to connect to spirit animals for personal guidance and wisdom.

Leave with not only your own beautiful creations but also a deeper connection to your intuitive wisdom and artistic expression.


Date: Wednesday, Sept. 4th Time: 6-8 pm

Seats are limited.

Reserve your spot soon at


About your instructor: Jessica Coulter Is the owner of Rootfull Love a greeting card business that spreads love In many ways. Her goal is to spread love, help people build their connection back to nature their creative side and their intuitive gifts. She is the artist and creator of the Handmade Holographic Animal Connections Deck. She also is the vocalist and guitarist of the Rock Band Dematus and esigner of Not A Fairytale Clothing.

Jessica is a Reiki Master and Spirit Medium that studied under Rev. Gina Ronzio and Rev. Maryanne Gibbons from the Dr. Lillian Ronzio School of Holistic Health.

Art ~ Intuition

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