This class is being taught by Intuitive/Medium Rev. Gina Ronzio who has worked in the metaphysical/holistic field for over 40 years.


This class was created, written & facilitated by Intuitive/Medium Rev. Gina Ronzio, ND who has mastered the art of pendulum divination by utilizing the method for almost 40 years.

Clearing, Cleansing & Protecting Workshop

  • Friday, September 17th, 2021

    6:00pm - 8:00pm


    Join us in this informative and hands on workshop where you will learn the in depth history and several different ways to energetically clear, cleanse and protect yourself, your loved ones and your space!


    You will also receive one of our Smudging Kits to take home with you! 

    (Beautiful abalone shell, clearing feather, stick of sage (or palo santo) and clearing prayer card)  -> $25 VALUE!


    You MUST be pre-registered to attend this class.