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Smudging is an ancient tradition practiced by many indigenous cultures throughout the world. To smudge is to purify people, places, spaces and objects with a cleansing 'bath' of smoke from burning herbs. Smudging is used for prayer, rituals and ceremonies. 

Clearing Kit

  • This kit includes: 

    • Abalone Shell 
    • White California Sage Stick 
    • Smudging Feather (black feathers to remove negativity and white to purify your space)
    • Smudging prayer card


    Abalone Shell This shell is a colorful shell that incorporates the beautiful colors of the Sea. It is intimately connected to the element of water and represents the tides of emotion.

    White Sage will drive out negative energies, spirits and influences. Use this as a smudge to purify people, places and tools before any sacred ceremony. 

    The Feather is for fanning and directing the sacred sage smoke. It is also a representation of the air element.