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Illuminate Your Wellness: Revealing the Essential Impact of Light on Your Health


Join this transformative course, facilitated by Lisa Spin, "Illuminate Your Wellness: Revealing the Essential Impact of Light on Your Health" and unlock the secrets to a vibrant life!

This course is meticulously designed to empower you with insights into your light surroundings, raising awareness about the impact of artificial light, and providing practical strategies to foster a thriving circadian health. Additionally, we've included a bonus section on revitalizing your well-being through the incredible benefits of Red Light Therapy.


Course Highlights


The Light Environment

  • Recognize the impact of your light surrounding on your health
  • Illuminating the role of your light environment in shaping your health


Junk Light Awareness

  • Heightening awareness of daily exposure to artificial light
  • Connect the dots between artificial light, circadian dysfunction and health issues


Thriving with Circadian Health

  • Understand how healthy circadian signaling enhances overall body function
  • Examine your daily exposure to artificial light and its complication


Practical Strategies for Light Hygiene

  • Gain actionable insights to optimize your light environment
  • Implement changes for a healthier circadian rhythm


Bonus Section: Revitalize with Red Light Therapy

Illuminate Your Wellness

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