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Into the Cosmos ~ A guided Meditation


Allow yourself the gift of peace and relaxation as Rev. Maryanne Gibbons takes you on a Journey ~ Into the Cosmos.


You will be lifted up into the stars and become a part of the World Wide Web~A web of light where you will experience the beautiful connection between each other and the Universe, itself.


This is a beautifully orchestrated guided meditation.


**Don't forget to bring your yoga mat, blanket or beach towel.


* Rev. Maryanne Gibbons, Ordained minister, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Metaphysician & Certified Spiritual Healer is the Director of Spiritual Studies at the Dr. Lillian Ronzio School of Holistic Health.

Into the Cosmos ~ A Guided Meditation

  • Feel the energy of the cosmos flowing through you, bringing tranquility and a sense of interconnectedness.

    Don't forget to bring your yoga mat, beach towel, blanket or any comfey extras! 

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