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My son was diagnosed with scoliosis at 6 months old. We went every 4 months for follow ups to see the progression. Every time I would leave hysterical because it had gotten worse. They prepared us that he would need casting and couldn’t say for how long, however it would be in 4 month intervals having him sedated each time. Followed by surgery once his back was developed enough. This sounded horrific to me with a toddler on the move, and then the thought of putting him through back surgery simply made me sick.

Then, I found Lillian Ronzio. She recommended using herbal extracts on his back. We used a regimen 3/4 times a day on my son, which he loved! (para)

4 months later we returned to the doctor for his follow up. His curvature had decreased by half!

The doctor said he believes his infantile scoliosis will correct itself, and he will see us in 8 months for a follow up.

We will continue to use the (regime) daily to aid in the healing process. I am forever grateful to have found Lillian Ronzio and

“The Natural Way.”


~ K.R. Pittsburgh, Pa

Lite Touch Herbal Spine Treatment

  • Thursday, November 21st, 2019

    6:00pm - 8:00pm


    Join the master herself, Dr. Lillian Ronzio as she teaches her Lite Touch Herbal Spine Treatment.

    It is very safe and effective!
    Dr. Lillian Ronzio has been teaching this modality for 35 years!

    Learn what to use and how to do the treatment properly.