The Egyptians knew... they knew about the healing power of sound and power of sacred geometry.   Today, scientists are discovering that the mathematical perfection of the geometric shape of the pyramids may help to collect and concentrate electromagnetic energy. There’s speculation that the pyramids along the Band of Peace in Egypt were utilized not as a tomb, but for their harmonics as a tool for restoring the frequencies of the body as a healing technique.

Copper Meditation Pyramids are the perfect addition to your sound healing experience. As a Meditation tool, they amplify your ability to access your inner guidance by deepening your intuitive connection.  This is sure to be an experience that will greet your healing needs... Mind, Body, & Spirit.


Leza Vivio is known widely for her abilities as a sound healer and inspirational speaker, and as the founder of Sacred. Centered. You. She has a passion for both the scientific and intuitive, the practical and the mystical... She enjoys finding the bridges between these worlds and making them accessible to the seeker. Leza holds a doctorate in both Divinity and Sacred Music and is the Director of Vibrational Healing at the Dr. Lillian Ronzio's School of Holistic Health.

Pyramid Sound Healing Meditation

  • Thursday, June 24th, 2021

    6:00pm - 8:00pm


    Join us on the evening of the full moon and tap into all the power of this trifecta of healing energy!


    We will start as a group around the  copper pyramid with a guided meditation designed to cleanse the chakra system accompanied by the sharing of vibrations and frequencies through crystal bowls, gong, and chimes.


    At the conclusion of the sound immersion, you will be invited to receive individual healing vibrations from the gong and bowls while meditating inside the pyramid.


    Participants often enjoy sitting or lying on the ground during the sound bath, but you may bring a chair if this is more comfortable for you. Bring any comfy measures, such as a soft blanket, eye mask, or pillows to support your body. 


    Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to register and get settled into your spot.  We plan to begin promptly at 6pm.  

    This is an outdoor event.

  • Per Sacred. Centered. You:

    For a full refund, 48 hours notice is required. 
    Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a credit for another Sacred. Centered. You. event only.  
    No shows or late cancellations will NOT be eligible for a refund or a credit.