Joyce is an inspirational & experienced instructor who brings kindness and light to everyone she meets.


In Joyce's professional career, she provided services to adults and children with special needs. She began to be interested in massage and healing touch. It wasn't until she retired from North Carolina that she continued her education in healing therapies.

She began to practice Thai Reflexology in North Carolina and has continued it for the five years since she has been back in Pa. She is certified in Reiki and infuse that into her reflexology. She is a traveler, gardener and loves her pets.

Stress Reduction Techniques for Mind & Body

  • Friday, November 6th, 2020

    6:00pm - 8:00pm


    Now, more than ever we are in need of ways to reduce our stress!


    We are honored to introduce our newest instructor, Joyce Cooper as she facilitates this hands-on, powerful workshop.


    Stress is a common everyday problem for millions. It can manifest itself in physical problems like muscle knots and cramps. It can also manifest in emotional ways, irritability, forgetfulness, inability to sleep and depression.


    This workshop will help participants alleviate some of the symptoms resulting from stress.
    The workshop will give participants hands on instruction in pressure point relief for common areas affected by stress.


    Also demonstrated will be easy to do stretches to loosen taut muscle areas.


    As stress reduces an individual's ability to mentally cope, participants will practice a simple meditation technique to increase focus and decrease mental "clutter."


    **Dress in comfy clothes. This is a practical workshop, so participants will be actively involved.


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