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Gina continues bringing her Intuition Development course to you ‘a la carte’ with her first in a series of Understanding Past Lives Workshops, where she will discuss the different categories of soul mates and soul agreements and also guiding you in a group past life regression meditation.


Did you ever look at some of the people in your life and ask any of these questions:

  • Why are they in my life?
  • Why am I so drawn to this person?
  • Why do I feel like I know this person so well and we just met?
  • What is the purpose of this relationship?
  • Why does this person keep showing up in my life?


The answer may be a past life soul agreement between the two of you.


‘Past life soul mates (soul agreements/contracts) are often considered deep, profound bonds between individuals, characterized by a sense of familiarity and connection that goes beyond the surface. These connections transcend time and space. These souls have shared experiences or relationships in previous lifetimes, influencing their current connections.

Soul agreements refer to the idea that, before incarnating into a physical body, souls make agreements or contracts with each other to play specific roles in each other’s lives.  These agreements are a part of a spiritual plan aimed at mutual learning, growth or support. These soul agreements guide the relationships and experiences individual have during their lifetimes, contributing to the unfolding of the spiritual journey. 

There are different types of soul agreements making some relationships great and other relationships, well …not so great.

Understanding these connections and WHY these souls are in your life creates awareness and a sense of peace when we discover that the relationship has a purpose for our spiritual growth.


In this fun and interactive class, Gina will pass on her 40-plus-years experience and knowledge to help guide you further in your intuitive awareness.


  • Reserve your spot soon.


Understanding Past Lives ~ Soul Mates

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