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We are so excited to welcome back Lisa Spin and her incredible knowledge of:

Your Body Is Electric - Unveiling the Power of Cellular Voltage


Our bodies operate like intricate electrical systems, and the key to optimal health lies in understanding and harnessing the power of negative charge. In this enlightening course, "Your Body is Electric" we delve into the fascinating realm of cellular voltage, exploring how our cells thrive when provided with a negative charge. Uncover the crucial role of electrons and the exclusion zone (EZ) water in every cell, and learn practical lifestyle strategies to enhance your body's charge for sustained well-being.


Course Highlights:

  • Understanding Cellular Voltage: Explore the fundamental concept that our cells function optimally when maintaining a negative charge. Dive into the interconnected aspects of cellular voltage and electron-rich environments.

  • The Role of Exclusion Zone (EZ) Water: Delve into the significance of EZ water in every cell and how it contributes to the negative charge crucial for cellular health. Learn how to enhance the EZ water in your body.

  • Gaining Charge from the Environment: Discover the sources of charge in our environment and how to acquire more charge than we lose for robust health. Recognize the impact of living indoors and relying solely on food electrons.

  • Lifestyle Strategies for Health: Receive practical guidance on daily habits that support negative charge creation and overall well-being. From sunrise rituals to minimizing sources of radiation, learn how to align with natural circadian rhythms for enhanced vitality.


**About your instructor:
Lisa is a passionate learner and studied Business at Wilkes University. Her education extends into training in the healing modalities and practical experiences in the business world. She shares her love of wellness by offering holistic health services in personal sessions, online and travels to events in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.
She found that her true calling is to empower people to feel their best, to live from the inside out and become the best version they can possibly be, much in the same way she did with her love of learning, lifestyle measures, nutrition & soul care. 

Your Body Is Electric - Unveiling the Power of Cellular Voltage

  • Unveiling the Power of Cellular Voltage

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