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Cleansing My Soul

It happens in the shower all the time. Not always, but a lot!

I step into the steaming rectangular cubical confused, tired or in a hurry and I step out 15 minutes later a feeling like a different person.

This is where I receive many messages, visions or what I call 'implantation of detailed answers'.

I'm not sure why this happens, or even how.

I could call it 'Communication from my Angels, my guides, spirits, the Blessed Mother, Jesus, the Universe etc'. But honestly..I just don't know.

I certainly won't make up a magical story to sound better than anyone else by 'naming' the source.

Heck, it would sound better if I said I was doing my daily meditation.

But, it is in the shower.

I've had people say "It's because of the ionic atmosphere created when the water hits the ground." or "It's the cleansing effect of washing away negativity from all of the readings I do, or I pick up emphatically." Or "Its the white noise created while enclosed in the shower stall".


It happens so much, that I have made sure I have pens, paper or my phone's voice recorder handy to quickly jot down anything I receive.

The strangest thing about this is that while it is happening, I am unaware of it.

It is only as I turn off the water and reach for my towel that I am aware of the information.

It's odd.

I am always grateful and feel extremely blessed.

But, I still after all of these years do not understand it.

I think that there are things that are meant to stay a mystery.

I feel that when we are in this arena of 'Faith, Feeling and Trust', that we have to believe.

I blame it on my Catholic upbringing.

I always wanted to come out of the confessional box feeling clean, enlightened and have answers.

Walking back to the pew, feeling sometimes worse about myself than when I walked in and trying to remember how many rosaries I was supposed to say to be forgiven....I would have a conversation with Mary ( Yes....THE Mary). That is who the nun's told us to talk to when we were desperate.

"Where are you?" That's what I would ask her. "They said I would feel you when I was forgiven!" "Why won't you make me feel better?"

Then I would kneel and pray and secretly be angry that I wasn't 'special enough' or 'sorry enough' to feel those things.

The only sense I can make of it is that we have to forgive ourselves. For being human. For reacting instead of responding. We have to make ourselves feel better by knowing that we are loved, special and pure enough. That we are ENOUGH.

That's where our communication comes from. Being aware. Allowing ourselves to release, cleanse, forgive & think really nice things about ourselves....and have faith. Faith in God. Faith in our Angels, Guides, the Universe, Mary, Jesus...We have to believe in them and ourselves.

But, seriously in the shower?!

I don't question it too much.

I'm just grateful and extremely blessed.

Whenever and wherever it comes from.

So, when you least expect it...expect it.

Be Blessed ~ Much Love ~ Gina

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