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Dr. Lillian grew up in the country, close to flora and fauna. Her mother and both grandmothers were close to the earth, growing their own foods and also gathering many offerings from the woods and meadows. Even as a child, Lillian Ronzio knew that she wanted to be a nurse. Taking care of people, helping them to feel better, easing their pain~~this was her motivation when she finally graduated nursing school. She worked in the hospital as a med/surgical nurse and then as an office nurse in a family practice, where she had extensive experience in all fields of nursing. During this time realized that the philosophy in the medical field was very different from her own. 

Lillian’s decision to enter the field Natural Sciences was made with confidence after her own life changing personal experience using herbs. This decision came with the determination to EDUCATE everyone on how to take care of themselves and their loved ones through the use of Herbs and Nutrition. It became her vocation to show people that they had a choice & could make intelligent decisions in regard to their own health care.

In her quest for knowledge, Dr. Lillian has traveled around the world and has studied all over Europe, Austrailia, Asia, Alaska and Hawaii gleaning as much information as she could get her hands on.
Here in the United States she has studied with the true pioneers in this field including Dr. Jack Richason of California, La Dean Griffin of Utah, Donald Bamer, of Oklahoma, the late Dr. Dick Versendaal and the esteemed, late Dr. Bernard Jensen of California, who is known as ‘The Father of Iridology’. 

Lillian received her Doctorate of Naturopathy through the National Board of Examiners, for Naturopathic doctors. Dr. Lillian Ronzio has owned her herb shop, The Natural Way in Connellsville, PA for almost 40 years. In addition to teaching and lecturing across North America, Lillian has had her own private practice and has hosted numerous radio shows for most of her time in this field. Dr Lillian was married to her high school sweetheart for 46 years and they have 4 children who have been involved in the business in various areas. Her dream of opening her own school has come to fruition, with the purchase of a beautiful 40 acre estate in Southwestern Pennsylvania...The Dr. Lillian Ronzio School of Holistic Health. 

Dr. Lillian Ronzio


Gina Ronzio, ND has been in the metaphysical & holistic field since a teenager.  She began studying holistic healing along with her mother Lillian Ronzio N.D. in the early 1980’s while still in high school.  She continued her education at AIHT (American Institute of Holistic Theology) in Virginia and received her Doctorate of Naturopathy and Master Herbalist through the National Board of Examiners for Naturopathic studies.  Gina is an Ordained Minister, Doctor of Divinity and a Metaphysician. 

She has combined spiritual and holistic consultations and has worked as a professional Medium Psychic/Medical Intuit and Spiritual Counselor for 30 years. She has extensive knowledge and experience in paranormal, energy theories and spirit identification. Her expertise  in many healing modalities, including herbal and nutritional  uniquely allows her to create personalized, intensive and enjoyable healing programs  & courses for anyone seeking balance and well-being on all levels.


She doesn't have a memory of not connecting to and communicating with what she refers to as her ‘God Voice’. She has her entire life looked to this as her teacher and guide... She grew up without the benefit of books & mentors to teach her to connect, just amazing parents that encouraged her to always believe in what she ‘felt’. Because of this, Gina is dedicated  to offering only the best instructors available in Spiritual & Holistic education & pass on this knowledge to you, so you can grow in confidence and become self empowered on all levels~ Body, Mind & Spirit

Gina Ronzio


Rev. Mary Anne Gibbons is one of our most beloved and valued instructors at the school. Mary Anne has 20 years experience in practicing the miraculous and traditional Reiki Healing.  She is a Certified Metaphysician & Certified Spiritual Healer, receiving her education from Fellowships of the Spirit near Lily Dale Assembly in New York.

She is an ordained minister and our Director of Energy Medicine. Mary Anne is best known at the school for teaching Reiki, Flower Essences, and leadings meditations.  She is also our resident scholar in comparative religions and esoteric studies.  Her knowledge on crystals and lore is beyond reproach.  We love her for the depth of her wisdom and the spirit of her instruction.

Rev. Maryanne Gibbons

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