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This is a very special and rare event that you do not want to miss!


This one workshop WILL change your life.


This is a required workshop for those pursuing their CHHP (Certified Holistic Health Practitioner)

Muscle Testing & Applied Kinesiology

  • Saturday, Nov. 4th, 2023

    11am - 4pm

    Join the Master herself, Dr. Lillian Ronzio as she shows you how to use your own kinetic energy in your every day life.

    She will be speaking of her own life changes directly as a result of  applied kinesiology as she teaches you how to use it on yourself, your clients and your loved ones.

    Dr. Lillian will also be telling you about which medicinal herbs are used for the body sensitivities and nutritional needs that are discovered when using muscle testing.


    * * You will receive a Certification at the completion of this class * *

    1/2 hour lunch break. You are welcome to bring your lunch or go out to get something.